Visit Ruin Bars in Budapest

Bohemian and funky bars loved by locals and tourists in the heart of Budapest, known as the ruin bars: visit some of the top of the ruin bars, or take a pub crawl to get to know them even better. You can use our self guided ruin bar map or book a tour with a party buddy to gain the locals’ insights.

Graffitis, retro items, street art, cool music, great parties, and lots of people enjoying the nightlife, or even a farmer’s market by day time. Ruin bars are some of the most lively places to visit in the Hungarian capital, where the 19th century buildings got a new interpretation while retaining the original stripped walls, empty windows. Only pictures can truly show the true atmosphere of these special pubs and clubs.

The term “ruin pub” has been born around 10 years ago when a place called Szimpla Kert opened. For today, there are a bunch of ruin pubs throughout Budapest, and became a specialty and one of the must-visit attractions of the Hungarian capital.

What makes the real ruin pub? The name comes from the location: these places are literally built from ruins, located in old, half-destroyed central-city buildings, mainly in cellars or former stores.

The interior is simple, full of old and mismatching furnitures, the walls are usually decorated in eclectic and/or contemporary style, whatever the owner liked – making the atmosphere somewhat chaotic but very likable.

Ruin Pubs are usually not only bars, most of them provides place for contemporary exhibitions, film screening, theater performances, and concerts.